Drilling and deep hole drilling

With a share of 25 to 30 percent of all machining processes, drilling and deep hole drilling play a substantial role in the machining of parts. VIBROdrill ultrasonic significantly improves productivity, process reliability and quality in drilling and deep hole drilling processes. Take advantage of the potential of this new technology and increase the efficiency of your production.

Challenges in drilling and deep hole drilling

Especially in series processes, conventional optimization measures using cutting parameters or tool geometry are often maxed out. To achieve an improvement in performance in these processes, the following limitations need to be overcome:

  1. High process forces limit productivity.
  2. Tool wear limits productivity and reduces process reliability.
  3. Burr formation at the exit of the hole causes additional processes that do not add value.
  4. Poor chip removal and chip jamming lead to process uncertainties.
  5. Hole straightness deviation reduces the drilling quality and limits the drilling depth.

Overcoming existing challenges with VIBROdrill ultrasonic

The ultrasonic assistance shifts existing process boundaries in drilling and deep hole drilling. By minimizing friction, both tool wear and chip removal are improved. The minimized friction both reduces tool wear and improves chip removal. The reduction of process forces due to the material effects reduces burr formation at the exit of the hole, allowing for reduced deburring efforts or even the elimination of complete deburring operations, especially in hard-to-reach hole intersections. The reduced process forces also enable an increase in the cutting parameters for drilling and deep hole drilling.

Especially in deep hole drilling as a sensitive and difficult-to-guide cutting process, the ultrasonic assistance improves chip removal and reduces unwanted tool vibrations, which significantly stabilizes the process. In addition, the lower process forces lead to a reduction in the hole straightness deviation.

Your added values

By using VIBROdrill ultrasonic you will receive the following added values:

Increase in productivity
Increase in process reliability
Increase in tool life
Equipment of existing machines

Productivity increase with VIBROdrill ultrasonic

The following calculation shows, by way of example, the potential savings for an equipped machine by increasing the cutting parameters for a drilling process in machining centres with a cycle time of 35 percent.


Machine hour rate: 130 €/h
Planned occupancy time: 6000 h/year

750 shifts/year

Machining main time share drilling on cycle time: 35%

Increasing cutting paramaters:


Increase in cutting parameters

20 %

40 %

100 %

Increase in productivity

7.1 %

10 %

17.5 %

Savings per machine and year

45,500 €

78,000 €

136,500 €