Low-frequency vibration systems

Our innovative tool holders cause your tool to vibrate in a defined manner.

Vibration assistance with innovative tool holders

The additional vibration of the VIBROturn tool holders introduces predetermined breaking points into the chips during turning and thus enables reliable and economical chip breaking. This prevents production interruptions due to chip-related issues and enhances process reliability, which in turn significantly increases economic efficiency.

VIBROturn tool holders can assist all common turning operations with a low-frequency vibration. The unique performance and robustness of the systems ensure reliable chip breaking even at high cutting values. VIBROturn tool holders can be integrated as a passive system at the driven location of the turret or equipped with their own drive. The adjustable oscillation amplitude allows the process to be specifically designed for optimal chip breaking. VIBROturn is available in various sizes to meet specific requirements. Machine inteface include standardized interfaces like VDI or BMT, but custom interfaces are also possible. The systems are flexible and modular, making them suitable for both new and existing machines.

Performance parameters VIBROturn

Vibration frequency:            fvib = 1 … 100 Hz

Vibration amplitude:            Â = 0.02 … 0.6 mm

Process forces:                       FCmax = 9 kN

Range of applications

Our low-frequency vibration systems are used in various processes, including:


Centric drilling

Grooving and Parting off

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