VibroCut acts as a product and technology provider as well as an integration partner for the use of vibration-assisted machining in your machining processes.


Products: Vibration systems for a wide range of requirements

Our product range includes innovative vibration systems as well as customised special solutions for your machinery. With our vibration systems, you equip your manufacturing systems for vibration-assisted machining.

Services: Your path to a successful system integration

We accompany you from planning to implementation. Our experts provide individual advice on selecting the optimal solution for your needs. Our team supports you in integrating our technology into your machines. On the basis of training courses, we provide your team with the knowledge for a successful and simple application. For series start-ups, we provide professional support to ensure a smooth production launch. Moreover, we offer maintenance and service for your systems.

Whether automotive industry, mechanical engineering, aerospace or medical technology – VibroCut offers customized solutions for a wide range of challenges.

Vibration systems

Flexibility for your requirements

VibroCut’s vibration systems are more than just tool holders – they bring vibration assistance to your manufacturing processes. The systems are flexible and modular solutions which we adapt to your individual manufacturing requirements. The modularity of our vibration systems enables you to adress your specific challenges with precision. This flexibility not only increases the efficiency of your manufacturing processes, but also enables future adaptations.


Expertise for optimal application

VibroCut offers practice-oriented training for technologists and machine operators to support your team in using our vibration-assisted machining. The focus is on simple operation and manageability as well as reliable use. In addition, we enable you to exploit the potential of our technology.

Technology development

Innovative power for your machining

At VibroCut, we are not only pioneers in vibration-assisted machining, but also your reliable partner in technology development. Together with you, we analyse your requirements and develop vibration-assisted processes that strengthen your productivity and competitiveness. Our team devises custom solutions to optimise your manufacturing processes and develop innovate new applications in machining technology.

Machine integration

Custom integration for increased efficiency

We support you in integrating our vibration-assisted machining technology into your systems. Upon request, we carefully analyse the framework of the process and the machine. Additionally, we provide support for the electrical or control system implementation to deliver a fully operational solution for both new and existing machines.

Maintenance and service

Increase of durability and process reliability

At VibroCut, the long-term maintenance of your process reliability and productivity is at the centre of our maintenance and service. For this purpose, we offer an individually tailored range of services ranging from preventive maintenance measures to short-term problem solutions.

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