Ultrasonic systems

Our ultrasonic tool holders apply high-frequency vibrations to the machining tool.

Ultrasonic machining with innovative tool holders

The VIBROdrill ultrasonic tool holder assists conventional machining with an additional vibration in the ultrasonic frequency range. This alteration modifies the mechanisms of action during chip formation and minimizes friction. Material effects occur with a wide range of materials, resulting in a significant reduction in process forces. Through the application of ultrasound, manufacturing companies can notably increase productivity, process reliability and quality, particularly in drilling and deep hole drilling, consequently enhancing cost-effectiveness in production.

The ultrasonic tool holders are designed for use with rotating tools, such as drilling and deep hole drilling. The distinguishing feature is the unique performance of the ultrasonic systems, which ensures safe operation and sufficiently high vibration parameters even with high process loads. The ultrasonic tool holders are available in various performance classes and with all common spindle interfaces. This makes the flexible ultrasonic systems suitable for equipping new machines as well as for retrofitting existing ones.

Performance parameters VIBROdrill ultrasonic

Spindle interface: HSK, SK, BT in various sizes
Tool clamping diameter: D = 6…25 mm
Spindle speed: nmax = 30,000 U/min-1
Vibration frequency: fvib = 16…50 kHz
Vibration amplitude: Â = 0.1…80 µm
Performance: PMax = 100…1,000 W

Range of applications

Our ultrasonic systems are used in various processes, including:


Deep hole drilling

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