Vibration-assisted machining improves your machining processes and increases economic efficiency in your production.

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Vibration-assisted machining

The vibration assistance of manufacturing processes, especially machining processes, represents an innovative approach to enhancing performance and pushing the boundaries of existing physical limits.

In this approach, additional vibrations in the low-frequency range up to approximately 100 Hz or in the ultrasonic range above 16,000 Hz are superimposed onto the conventional process. These vibrations alter essential interaction dynamics, leading to significant advantages depending on the application.

At VibroCut GmbH, we are pioneers in vibration assistance, providing comprehensive solutions for your manufacturing needs to increase productivity, process reliability, quality and cost-effectiveness.

VibroCut’s tool holders leverage your production!

Ultrasonic systems

Discover the innovative technology of VIBROdrill ultrasonic, our ultrasonic systems for machining. Our ultrasonic tool holders subject the tool to high-frequency vibrations that assists your machining process. Manufacturing companies benefit from increased productivity, process reliability, quality and profitability. Manufacturing companies benefit from increased productivity,

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Ultrasonic systems

Low-frequency vibration systems

Discover the advantages of VIBROturn, our low-frequency vibration systems for machining. Our innovative tool holders enable reliable and cost-effective chip breaking by subjecting the tool to a defined oscillating motion. With VIBROturn, production interruptions due to chip breaking are avoided, resulting in a significant increase in productivity and process reliability.

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Low-frequency vibration systems

VibroCut represents quality and innovation

Welcome to VibroCut, your expert for vibration-assisted machining.



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VibroCut represents seamless technology integration

With VibroCut, you have a reliable partner who offers a complete solution for vibration-assisted machining. We supply innovative tool holders as retrofittable vibration systems for your machines and provide support in the areas of machining, technology development, machine integration, training as well as maintenance and service. With VibroCut you get everything from a single source: The development of tailor-made technologies, the supply of customized products and seamless integration into existing systems as well as the training of your team for optimal use.


VibroCut is adaptable for various uses!

Drilling and deep hole drilling

Learn more about your advantages when using VIBROdrill ultrasonic vibration systems. From the use of filigree drilling tools to deep hole drilling operations, our products increase your productivity in drilling processes, even with difficult-to-machine materials.

Drilling & deep hole drilling


Learn more about your advantages when using VIBROturn vibration systems. From face or longitudinal turning, through grooving processes to centric drilling, you can improve machine availability and process reliability in your mechanical production with our products.